The OC Image Real Estate Photography

Pricing and policies

Licensing Options

"Standard Rights" Usage Rights

These are the most common usage rights, for MLS listings.
You (the realtor/agent) can use the images in any way, until your property listing has been sold or goes off the market. This includes uploading to MLS and syndication to other property listing services (zillow, redfin, etc) as well as use in printed and electronic advertising.

After you sell the property, if you want to continue using the images for your own marketing purposes, you can call me and pay for "Unlimited" usage rights. The amount you have already paid for each photo will be credited towards you purchase, and you can purchase usage rights for as many photos as you would like.

"Unlimited Time" Usage Rights

The (the realtor/agent) can use the images however you want, in forever.
This covers such things as use on your website, magazine ads, billboards.  Whatever electronic or printed marketing you wish to use them for.
David Cairns (dba as The OC Image) still holds the copyright ownership and rights; You cannot sell, transfer, or give away the images to anyone else.


"Standard Rights" License Pricing:
20   photos    $234
25   photos    $246
30   photos    $264
35   photos    $282
40   photos    $300
45   photos    $318
50   photos    $336
55   photos    $354


"Unlimited Time" License Pricing:
20   photos    $295
25   photos    $320
30   photos    $345
35   photos    $370
40   photos    $395
45   photos    $420
50   photos    $445
55   photos    $470


Price Includes:
1.    High resolution photos, suitable for use in printed brochures.
2.    Medium sized photos, suitable for making your own flyers or for use in web advertising.
3.    MLS sized photos for uploading to your MLS listing.
4.    A unbranded virtual tour link, suitable for linking on the MLS.

Branded virtual tour +$10
Video of vitural tour +$10
Brochure PDF     +15
Major photoshop edits +$15 per photo.
Out of area travel charge.  Locations outside of Orange County incur an extra charge to cover fuel and travel time. Call for details.

Turnaround – Getting your listing active on MLS is a high priority, so I deliver your finished photos within 24 hours of the shoot (excluding Sundays). Quantities higher than 55 may take longer.

You can expect me to be prompt and reliable with appointments. I do not over-book, so I can devote my full attention to doing quality work for your listing. 

The photos are delivered via down-loadable zip file link. The virtual tour link is easy to add in your MLS listing or your website using the provided link.

Custom Flyer layouts available, for extra charge.

Preparation- The home should be cleaned and staged in advance of the photo shoot.  I may, at my own discretion, move or assist in moving minor things for better photo composition (such as moving a chair or table center-piece)
Expect the photo shoot to take anywhere from one and a half to 3 hours depending on the size and number of photos needed.

Reschedule / Cancellation – With 24 hours notice there is no fee for a reschedule or cancellation.  Within 24 hours of a scheduled shoot, there is  $25 fee.